Leestijd: 1 min.


gedicht (engels) | Door: Jana van Duijker

everyone wants to be a superhero
stand on top of the highest tower
staring out over their domain

everyone wants to be invincible
look around at their conquest
cape fluttering in the wind

everyone wants to be perfect
to hold others to the same unobtainable standard
they hold themselves to

everyone wants to be liked
even superhero’s…

but up on that tower,
its lonely

and under that smile,
they are broken

and beneath the facade
they are tired,
and worn
and scared

why not just take off your cape for a second?
lay down your fight?
take a breath for a moment
and lose your might

why not be human for a while
and treat others like they are human too
why not stop judging for a breath
and receive no judgement in return

why not be free of the expectations
the world so easily places
hover above it all
surrounded by peace

seeing the world as broken,
and people as beings
and loving us
all the same

cause if everyone wants to be human…

Foto: Rolf van Duijker


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