Leestijd: 2 min.


video | Door: Jana van Duijker & Samuela de Ruiter

When asked why art is so important I pause. Breathe in and let it go. How can one explain a feeling? I guess in the same way you paint a song. From the heart. And from beyond even that. From the soul. Because that’s what makes art beautiful. It comes from within. Wether it is in the scratches of a child or the strokes of a master; art expresses. It says what cannot always be said. It inspires, it tears, it makes you feel, makes you wonder. It leaves you cold or makes you boil. It evokes from you. An emotion. A word. A connection.

More importantly art is flawed. Like our souls, but because it is expressed it is made beautiful. Always beautiful, although sometimes not through our eyes but through someone else’s, who sees what we cannot see. And art is difficult. So much choice. Style? Material? Color? Just like life. What are we going to create? Am I going to like the outcome? Is it me? So I guess the answer is because art comes from within and more importantly it reflects the original master artist. Who inspires me with every leaf, notices me with every breath and sings over me with every sunrise.

Credits muziek in video: Josh Garrels - The Light Came Down


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